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Dispatch conclusion: monthly list print

The monthly list shows you all list´s from the selected carrier in a period selected by the user. It also shows you the number of packages, weight and charges.


1. carrier select

Select the carrier, for which you wanna print the monthly list.

2. period

It only affects the list´s that were created/printed in the period selected by the user.

3. selection

In selection you can see for which dispatch-type there are monthly list´s available. If you dont need the monthly list for a specific dispatch-type, you can deactivate it by pressing twice on the mark for the affected dispatch-type. By doing that there will be no monthly list printed for the selected dispatch-type


The monthly list will be printed on the printer which is set in the configurator (setup -> configurator -> general -> output channels).


you will get a preview of the actual list. If you close the window, you will land on the main menu of HVS32
To print the list, you have to repeat the steps and press on the print button instead on preview.