Dispatch conclusion: provisional list print

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The menu item performs a print of a preliminary loading list in order to check in advance the shipments already processed with the selected carrier.

The preliminary list cannot be used for shipping.

Carrier selection

After selecting the menu item, you have the option to select the carrier for which you want to print a preliminary list.



After you have selected the carrier, a window will appear showing all available lists.

Versand Abschluss ListenAuswahl.PNG

Check the checkbox(es) of the preliminary lists you want to print.


The structure is as follows:


Available lists
  • Name of the module
    • Shipping types
      • Orderer
        • List name




Selecting "Print" will print all associated (preliminary) lists at the hinterlegten Listendrucker ausgedruckt.
Selecting "Preview" will open a preview view of the list in a separate window without triggering a print.