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In this mask you can edit the data records which are used in the processing mode delivery note data or supplement. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to view the current status of the record.

Mask of delivery note data

Overall status

In this field you can see the current status of the record.

Processed ("B")

This record has already been processed and the label has been printed.

Unprocessed ("U")

This record has not yet been processed. This can be handled via an interactive processing mode or is processed when automatic polling is started.

Error ("F")

While processing this record, the HVS32 ran into an error.

Blocked ("X")

It is not possible to process a locked data record using a processing mode.

Hold (empty overall status)

If the overall status is empty, this means that the record is on "hold" and has not yet been processed. This data set is ignored by automatic polling and can only be edited using interactive processing.


The data records for the delivery note data can also be loaded via an import file. You can define the import path and other settings in the configurator .


Here the already processed data records can be removed from the delivery note data. Depending on the daily volume, the adjustment should be approx. 3-4 times a year to keep the database performant.

The data records can still be accessed via the information/administration.


Here the menu item delivery note opens.

Delivery note list

This function creates a list containing the unprocessed data records. This means all data records with the overall status "U", "X" and empty (hold).


Here you can lock the selected record (overall status "X") or release a locked record. The overall status is automatically set to "U" on release.

Mandatory data

In order to create a new data record, certain mandatory information must be filled. These are highlighted in red for newly created data records. After these fields are filled, they are highlighted in green.

Please note that a green highlighted field does not indicate that the content has been checked, but only that the mandatory field has been filled in.

Mandatory information includes: receiver name1, country code, zip code, receiver town and the delivery note number. Furthermore, there is a yellow highlighted field, the order number. This field is optional for the HVS32, but is used by many customers as a reference and should therefore be filled if possible.