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Update procedure

Locate existing installation(s)

The localization usually takes place automatically in the installer. In many cases, however, the necessary registry entries may be missing due to server migrations or instance duplications. It is also common for DataGatewayServer and HVS32Monitoring to be installed in multiple instances, so it is often essential that the installation paths are localized manually.

Localization of installations via Windows services

  1. Open the Services Management in Windows ( services.msc )
  2. Look for matching entries using the Service name column in the table under Installation instructions, note that if there are multiple instances installed, only a part ot the name is included (e.g. instead of HVS32MonitoringService, HVS32MonitoringService_Auto01 or HVS32Monitoring_Auto01)
  3. Make a note of the path(s) displayed under Properties for later update
ComManager Dienst Pfad

Localization of installations via Windows search

  1. Enter the name of the application you are looking for in the Windows search (column Main EXE in the table under Installation instructions) ein
  2. Make sure the hits are not unused local copies
  3. Make a note of the path(s) for later update
ComManager EXE Pfad

Verify the installed version

To verify the version, open the file properties of the Main EXE of the application (see table under Installation instructions) in Explorer.

[application].exe -> Right click -> Properties -> Details -> File version / Product version

Version anzeigen

Run the setup

Please note the application-related information in the Installation instructions table in the Update notes column.

If you have an HVS32 test system/test server, install the updates on the test system first!

To be as safe as possible, preparations can be made for a Manual Backup - Restore.

  • Start setup with administrative privileges (right click -> Run as administrator)
  • Selection of the installation path
    • No installation was detected Setup Installation nicht erkannt
      • Enter the installation path Setup Pfad eingeben and confirm with Next
    • At least one installation was detected Setup Installation erkannt
      • Compare the installation path with the previously created list (mark the question mark with the mouse) Setup Pfad anzeigen
        • If the installation path matches, confirm with Next
        • If the installation path does not match, select the option "No, install into a different directory" Setup anderes Verzeichnis wählen and confirm with Next
          • Enter the correct installation path Setup Pfad eingeben and confirm with Next
  • If presented, read warning messages carefully, if anything is unclear, talk internally to project managers about the possible effects of the update
  • Confirm further screens within the setup with Next
  • Allow the installation and subsequent processes (such as a database conversion) to complete fully
  • Complete the installation with Finish

If an application has been installed in several instances (to be recognized by the fact that several installation paths were previously found for a software product), which is often the case with the applications DataGatewayServer and HVS32Monitoring. The installation must be executed for each instance into the manually adjusted target path (e.g. first installation = C:\Heidler\HVS32MonitoringService_Auto01, second installation = C:\Heidler\HVS32MonitoringService_Auto02, ...)

Installation instructions

Software product Service name Main EXE Versions Update notes
DataGatewayServer V2 DataGatewayGuardian


DataGatewayService.exe 2.X.X.X
  • Update not possible during operation
DataGatewayServer V3 DataGatewayServer DataGatewayService.exe 3.X.X.X
  • Update not possible during operation
  • Before the update, make a note of the user stored in the Windows service and enter it after the update (Right-click on the Windows service > Properties > "Log On" tab > "This account")
  • Update of SAP Java Connector (SAP JCO)
Leitcode V3 Heidler-Leitcode HeidlerLeitcode-Service.exe 3.X.X.X
  • Update not possible during operation
SEMWeb Heidler-SEMWeb SEMWebService.exe 1.X.X.X
Statusdatenamanger Heidler-StatusdatenManager StatusdatenManager-Service.exe 1.X.X.X
HFMS Heidler-TarifWerk TarifWerk-Service.exe 1.X.X.X

Warning messages

During the installation, warning messages are displayed, e.g. that a database conversion is being carried out during the update or that further manual steps are required after the installation.

The warnings and the information contained therein must be observed!

Example warning messages

Update Warnmeldung 1
Update Warnmeldung 2
Update Warnmeldung 3
Update Warnmeldung 4

Complete installation

At the end of the installation, it must be checked that the application was started or can be started again after the update.

For services, check whether the service was started after installation or start the service manually in the Windows service management ( services.msc ).

Perform functional testing

To ensure that an update was successful, function tests tailored to the application are necessary!

The tests must not only be carried out on the test system, but also in the productive environment!

Manual Backup - Restore

For a rollback, local backup copies of the applications can be created, which should be deleted again after a successful update and function test.


  • Close all applications (configurators, processing screens, services, ...) of the corresponding software product
  • Make a local copy by either creating an archive or duplicating the installation directory
  • Give the backup a comprehensible name, e.g. add the suffix "_bak" and the date to the folder name


  • Close all applications (configurators, processing screens, services, ...) of the corresponding software product
  • Rename the current application directory, e.g. add the suffix "_error" to the folder name
  • Unzip the local backup or rename it back to the original folder name
  • Carry out the following steps, Complete installation and Perform functional testing

Additional notes

Incompatibility with legacy systems (Firebird 1.5)

According to the Update notes column in the table under Installation instructions, some services in their latest version are no longer compatible with systems that still use the Firebird database engine in version 1.5.

If you are still using a service that has a correspondingly noted dependency with Firebird, you must not carry out the service update, as this will no longer provide any functionality!

If you are still using Firebird 1.5 and are affected by the service updates mentioned above, your system must first be migrated to Firebird 2.5. For more information see the following article: Upgrade Firebird Datenbank-Engine

Upgrade from SAP Java Connector (SAP JCO) 3.0 to 3.1

When using SAP JCO and updating this component, it should be noted that all components used by SAP JCO must also be updated. The SAP JCO 3.0 driver uses and requires the Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ 2005 version, which is installed with the SAP GUI. With the latest SAP JCO 3.1 version, however, the Visual C++ 2013 version is required. If the version is not available, you will receive the following error message from SAP JCO:

java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: JCo initialization failed with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: <Pfad>\sapjco3.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

More information about SAP JCO at: