HVS32 automatic polling functions

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Data types

Integer - Number with only numeric characters (0-9).
Decimal - Number with decimal places
String - Any character from the ISO-8859-1 character set. Maximum length not to be exceeded.

Additional data types

Additional data types, which occur in the description, are in a 1:n relation to the packages. Please refer to the respective interface documentation of the corresponding plug-in (file, JDBC, SAP, etc.) to find out how this relation must be realised.

article data

Field name Type Max Length Decimal places Assignment
Satz-Kennung String 3 - Only required for file processing

"Satzkennung" in the polling file: "ART"

ANZAHLBUEGEL Integer - - Only for hanging shipment: Number of hangers on which the article group is divided up
ANZAHLPOSETIKETTEN Integer - - Number of article labels to be printed
ARTIKELBTNNR String 25 - BTN number / customs tariff number
ARTIKELEAN String 20 - EAN number
ARTIKELEINHEIT String 10 - Unit of the article quantity
ARTIKELGEWICHT Decimal 9 3 Article weight
ARTIKELGRUPPE String 50 - Article group
ARTIKELMENGE Decimal 9 3 Article quantity
ARTIKELSERVICES String 100 - Pipe separate services for this article
ARTIKELSOLLMENGE Decimal 9 3 Article target quantity
ARTIKELTEXT1 String 100 - Article description
ARTIKELTEXT2 String 100 - Article description
ARTIKELTEXT3 String 100 - Article description
ARTIKELTEXT4 String 100 - Article description
ARTIKELVOLUMEN Decimal 9 3 Article volume
ARTIKELWAEHRUNG String 3 - Currency in which the value of the article is indicated
ARTIKELWERT Decimal 18 2 Value of the article
KUNDENARTIKELNR String 50 - Article number
KUNDENBESTELLNR String 50 - Purchase order number
POSAUFTRAGNR String 50 - Order number
POSLIEFERNR String 40 - Delivery note number
POSITIONNR String 50 - Sequence number within the package (position)
SERIENNR String 30 - Serial number
URSPRUNGLAND String 2 - Country of origin of the article

Dangerous goods

Field name Type Max Length Decimal places Assignment
Satz-Kennung String 3 - Only required for file processing

"Satzkennung" in the polling file: "GEF"

GEFAHRGUTBEFOERDKAT Integer 1 - Transport category, mandatory (see ADR table column (15)), can be 0-4. Attention! Must be correct.
GEFAHRGUTBEGRENZTEMENGE String 1 - T if the substance is shipped with status LQ / Limited Quantity according to ADR 3.4, otherwise F, mandatory
GEFAHRGUTBEZEICHNUNG String 110 - Mandatory (see ADR table column (2))
GEFAHRGUTBUCHST640 String 1 - Letter for special provision 640, conditionally mandatory for substances to which special provision 640 applies (see ADR table column (6)).
GEFAHRGUTFAKTOR Integer 3 - Assessment factor for point summation on the transport document, (can be 0, 1, 3, 50 or 999), technically mandatory, but can be clearly concluded from the transport category, therefore it does not necessarily have to be documented
GEFAHRGUTFREIGESTMENGE String 1 - T if the substance is shipped with status EQ / Excepted Quantities according to ADR 3.5, otherwise F, mandatory
GEFAHRGUTID String 20 - Unique search number for dangerous goods master data
GEFAHRGUTKCODE String 10 - Classification code, mandatory (see ADR table column (3b))
GEFAHRGUTKLASSE String 100 - Mandatory (see ADR table column (3a))
GEFAHRGUTMENGE Decimal 8 3 Substance quantity of dangerous goods to be declared according to ADR (in litres for liquids and compressed gases, otherwise in kg, for LQ dangerous goods always kg).
GEFAHRGUTMENGENEINHEIT String 2 - Unit of measurement for the substance quantity. 1' or 'l': litre ; '0' or 'kg' or empty: kg
GEFAHRGUTNEBENGEFAHR String 10 - Conditionally mandatory for substances where subsidiary risk label numbers exist in addition to the main hazard class/label number (see ADR table column (5), if e.g. 3+6.1+8 is entered there, 6.1 and 8 are the subsidiary risk label numbers and are to be transmitted as (6.1)(8) in the subsidiary risk field).
GEFAHRGUTNETTOEXPLMASSE Decimal 8 3 Net explosive mass in kg, only for dangerous goods of class 1
GEFAHRGUTTECHBENENNUNG String 150 - Conditionally mandatory for N.A.G. dangerous goods (i.e. if the designation ends with N.A.G.)
GEFAHRGUTTUNNELBCODE String 10 - Tunnel restriction code, mandatory (see ADR table column (15))
GEFAHRGUTUNNR String 10 - Mandatory (see ADR table column (1))
GEFAHRGUTUMWELTGEF String 1 - T if substance is environmentally hazardous, otherwise F, mandatory for environmentally hazardous substances.
GEFAHRGUTVPG String 3 - Packing group, conditionally mandatory for those substances for which it is assigned in the ADR table, may be I,II or III or not assigned at all (the latter e.g. for Class 2)) (see ADR table column (4)).
GEFAHRGUTVERPANZAHL Integer 4 - Number of units in which the dangerous goods are packed (in connection with the next field GefahrgutVerpackungsart)
GEFAHRGUTVERPACKUNGSART String 5 - ADR code of the type of packaging, e.g. 4G for box (cardboard), mandatory, see separate documentation for packaging codes.