Processing: address data(normal)

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Mask of Address Root(normal)

The mask of the address root is mostly constructed in the same way as the mask of the Delivery note data(normal). However, the data for the destination address here comes from the address master.

search term

Here you select the data to be searched for in the address master. After the entry, confirm with ENTER.

Full text

All properties of an address entry are searched for, i.e. if you search for the customer number 12345 but another entry has the phone number 0123455243, both entries are displayed.


Only the customer number is searched for. However, the complete customer number must be entered. Part of the customer number is not sufficient.


It searches for the entered postal code. You can enter part of a postal code, but only the first part. For example, if you enter 12, all address entries that begin with postal code 12 are listed.


To search for a location, enter part or all of the name of the location,

Short name

You can search for the short name either for a part or the complete name.

Customer name

To search for a customer name, simply enter part or all of the name here as well. Here the additional names are also searched for.


Enter the country code you want to search for here. Such as DE for Germany


Here you can directly create a new customer, which is then also stored in the address master.

Number of labels

If you have more than one package for this shipment, enter here how many packages you have.

If you also have bundled packages, such as two packages joined into one, please see Bundling.

delivery note no. + package delivery notes

To use this option, you must first activate the check mark next to it ("ON").

To assign a delivery note number to this shipment, enter the delivery note number here.

If this shipment still contains goods from another delivery note, you can enter additional delivery note numbers. These are then stored in the HVS32 as package delivery notes. Please note that the main delivery note is always the number entered first.

All additionally added delivery notes can also be removed by selecting the respective number (marked blue) and then clicking on 'Delete package insert.

neutral sender address

Here you can use other sender addresses that do not match the address of the sender. You can create these under Neutral sender addresses, or directly in the appearing mask.

You can now select the desired address. By clicking on Continue, the address will be adopted.


Select here which client should be used. You can create, edit and delete this under Client/Sender.

The ordering party is important for the Carrier later on, as it contains specific settings such as customer numbers, number ranges, etc.

mode of dispatch

Select the Freighter and the desired shipping method you want to use.


The selected customer can still be edited here. After editing, you have three options for what to do with this change.

Use only for this print

With this option, the changes are only used for this one print and then discarded.


A new customer is created with the changed data.


The edited contact is overwritten with the changed data.


This is a display field which is mainly used to check your entries.

It displays either the address of the selected ordering party or, if selected, the address of the neutral sender.

The address in this field is the address which you will find on the printed label.

Target address

This is a display field which is mainly used to check your entries.

The selected recipient address is displayed.


When you have made all the settings you want, you can print the label by clicking on this button.

Depending on the carrier and selected additional entries, various queries may appear.

Reset dialogue

When this button is pressed, all previous settings are discarded. The mask is now wi