Processing: address data(fast)

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Maske der Lieferschein-Daten(schnell)

The function of this window is the same as that of Delivery note data(fast). Here you can quickly print a label with data from the address data form without any major options, similar to Processing:_Delivery Note Data(Fast).

short name

This field is your search mask for finding the correct address. The search is always carried out using the search type last set in normal mode (full text, postal code, postal code, postcode, ...) The search conditions remain the same as in normal mode.

Shipping mode

Here the standard carrier is automatically used. You can see which shipping method is used in the Shipping methods. Select the desired carrier from the drop-down menu above. All shipping types of the carrier are now listed there. The shipping type that is to be used by default must have the lowest number in the field SelectionSotierung. Please note that shipping types without specific selection sorting are taken over first.


This is a display field which is mainly used to check your entries.

The address in this field is the address you will find on the printed label.

Target address

This is a display field which is mainly used to check your entries.

The selected recipient address is displayed.

Normal mode

Use this button to switch to Normal Mode for processing with more options,

replacement label

This prints a replacement label for the last label printed. Please note that the old label must not be used again.


If you press this button, you close this mask and cancel the processing.

Shipping date

Here you select when the parcel is to be sent. If the package is sent on the same day, no change is necessary.

If you want to change the date, you must change it before you search for an address.

Date of shipment known

Select here on which day the package will be sent. The shipment will only be listed in the day-end closing etc. from this day on.

Shipping date unknown

If this type has been selected, it will be listed in Information / Administration as blocked and without an initial date. The shipment must then be released separately at the time it is sent.

dangerous goods

This option is only displayed if you have activated the extension module HVS32 Dangerous Goods Processing. If this check mark is set, this shipment is processed as a dangerous goods shipment.


Check this box if you have bundled two or more packages into one.

The number of labels then refers to to a bundle.