Setup: dispatch master data

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In this window you have directly access to the intern data of the dispatch system.



As long as the window of the dispatch master data is open, the automatic polling will be stopped and no more parcel can be processed.

Changes to the master data have direct effects on the program behavior and the licensing of the Heidler shipping system without a security check.

Please make changes only after consultation with the Heidler support team or with the help of the wiki manual, which you will find in some menu items.

Unauthorized changes may result in the immediate cancellation of your license! The Heidler shipping system can then only be used in demo mode and must be re-licensed by the Heidler support team!




On the left side you will find a list of available settings. Select the desired area by double-clicking on it and it will appear on the right side.

specific areas


Under this point you can edit the clients, but please do not change anything here unless requested by Heidler Support, as this data is directly included in the license.

shipping methods

The shipping methods available later are set up here. 

system configuration

Below this area you will find various options to control the behaviour of HVS.

Similar to an INI file, this area is divided into different sections that can be set independently.