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Functions of the expansion module "user administration":

  • Creation of own HVS32 users
  • Change of standard passwords
  • Customization of user levels
  • Individual assignment of rights per HVS32 user

After activation the user administration can be reached under the following menu item:

setup -> user administration

In the HVS32 user administration there are already four standard users created. Each of these users has different rights within the HVS32.

user standard password userlevel license type used label printing possible
auskunft auskunft 0 information no
versand ... 1 workstation yes
vleiter ... 2 workstation yes
vadmin ... 3 workstation yes

The user levels range from 0 ( least privileged ) to level 3 ( most privileged ). The license type is the required license in HVS32. For level zero, an information license is sufficient, but it cannot be used to print shipping labels. The HVS32 can only be used with the information menu items. With Level 1 - 3, shipping labels can be printed and you need a HVS32 workstation license. Depending on the user level, the user can do more or less in the HVS32. The predefined user levels (and thus available functions) can be used as templates to assign or remove individual menu items to a user.


In this example, a user "test" was created and assigned user level 1. So the default profile of "versand" which has the least rights, but can still print. On the left side of the "Modules and Options" page, you can either assign menu items to the user ( from left to right ) or remove menu items and functions from the user ( from right to left ).