Database: data reset (for system start)

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menu: database > data reset (for system start)


You should run this action only after consulting the Heidler Support-Team.






With this option you can reset the whole HVS32 database prior a productive start with the system, so you can delete all data which you generated in your testing-period.

Datenbank zurücksetzen.PNG

Please pay attention: It' not possible to restore data when you make a reset with this functions.


Versanddaten löschen

With this choice the Auskunft will be cleared.

Kundendaten löschen

With this choice the Kundendaten will be deleted.

Vormerkdaten löschen

With this choice the Vormerkdaten will be cleared.

Nummernkreise zurücksetzen

This will reset all numberranges of all carriers and mandators/clients.

Routen löschen

With this choice the imported Routen will be deleted.