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Produktbox HVS32


  Produktbox HFMS


HVS32 is a powerful software suite that faciliates easy handling of the growing complexities in the shipping industry.

Simply scan the barcode of a shipment order, weigh the parcel and a label following the guidelines of the carrier will immediately be printed.

  The HFMS tariff system manages the costs of the freight carriers you are using. It supports things like tariffs, additional costs and distance fees.
Citizen cle720



Volume measurement

By offering hardware and consumables used in shipping we offer you a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs.   The volume measurement system allows an optimal usage of packaging, storage locations and transport vehicles.

Depending on your needs articles, parcels or even individual parts can be measured.

Additionally the volume measurement system also allows weighing, picture documentation, mobile use and a direct connection of these systems to the HVS32 shipping software.