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Extension module "Statistics"

Over the statistics module it is possible to transact and evaluate different inquiries over the dispatched transmissions.

The concept provides for the fact that prefabricated statistic types can be selected. This then activates the required input options.

Hauptschirm der Statistik

After selecting a statistic type, a short explanation of this statistic appears in the "Description" field.

Time range

With the time range you can set which period should be queried. Here you have the choice between daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly evaluation. The input options for "Start" and "End" adapt to the selected value.

Filter criteria

Through the filter criteria it is possible to further limit the outputs. The input possibilities are mostly selection lists where always one point can be selected. If the input element is left on the first point, the filter is not active.

Depending on the type of statistic, certain inputs become mandatory fields and must be filled in or selected 

General areas

The entries in this area are enabled if the selected statistic type requires corresponding data. Thereby the desired area can then be selected with the checkboxes.


With the radio buttons at the edge you can choose in which form the output should take place. You can choose between ein Ausgabekanal (which can be created in the configurator and adapted accordingly), the output as table on the screen as well as the export as CSV file for further processing.