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By default the following fields will be exported. Below this table you can find the practical application for different export types (CSV, database, …).

Fieldname HVS32 Data type Length Description
FFKURZNAME Text 30 Identification of the carrier in the host-system.
FFSTATUSCODE Text 10 Carrier specific status code
FFSTATUSKLARTEXT Text 250 Text which describes the status code
FFZUSATZCODE Text 10 Additional status code from the carrier
FFZUSATZKLARTEXT Text 120 Text which describes the additional status code
ZUSATZKLARTEXT Text 80 Additional information
STATUSORT Text 30 Place where the scan/status has been created. (e.g. number of the depot.)
EMPFANGSQUITTIERER Text 100 Name of the receiver, which accepted the shipment.
STATUSDATETIME Text 25 Date and time of the status. (Format: hh:mm:ss)

Note: Time may not available depending on the carrier

DRUCKDATETIME Text 25 Date and time of the label was creation (Format: hh:mm:ss)
AUSGANGDATETIME Text 25 Date and time of the transfer from the sender to the carrier (Format:
TRACKINGNR Text 35 Tracking number
VERSANDSENDUNGSNR Text 20 Shipment number
LIEFERSCHEINNR Text 50 Delivery note number
PACKSTKNR Integer 3 Package number within the delivery note number.
PACKSTUECKID Text 20 Uniqe packageID from your host-system (Polling only)
STATUSTYP Text 2 E = End status, Z = interim status
FEHLERSTATUS Text 2 I = Info, F = Fail/Error


The fields will be written in a CSV-file separated by semicolons. The field names will build the definition line. The given length is only the maximum length. The fields won't fill up to this length.

Flat file

The fields will be written into a TXT-file. The file won’t have a definition line. The fields will be in the order as in the table. The given length is the size of the fields. The fields will be padded right up to this length.

Database / JDBC

The status data will be exported to your database using a JDBC driver (jar-file). The default name for the table is “status” but you can choose whichever name you want for either the table or field name(s).