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HVS32 Processing-Interfaces

Please note: all descriptions are just examples. Field names, -length, format are open to customization. Due to a data evaluator, we are able to map your fields to our database structure. Except Automatic-Polling SOAP/REST - these interfaces are fixed and can not easily be customized!


In automatic polling mode, the HVS32 dispatch system works completely in the background and is addressed by the upstream system via interface. Functions such as dispatch label printing, package cancellation, daily closing, etc. can be triggered. No user input of data is required.

The data can be transferred from the upstream system to the HVS32 via the following interfaces:


In interactive processing, the dispatch data is entered in an entry mask of the HVS32. The dispatch data can be requested from or reported back to the previous system by various interactive Actions in the previous system.
This gives you the possibility, for example, to make a data request after scanning a delivery note, feedback after printing a label, feedback after daily closing, feedback after cancellation/release.

The following interfaces can be used to access the dispatch data of the previous system during interactive processing:

Other interfaces