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ProductCube - LightGrid

The volume and weight measuring system ProductCube-LightGrid determines the dimensions (length, width, height) of an object as well as the weight, the volume of the bounding box (the smallest possible packaging) and the volume weight.
It is suitable for almost any shape and surface condition, only transparent objects cannot be measured. Not only packages in the outgoing goods department, but also newly produced or purchased articles in the incoming goods department can be measured easily and reliably with this system. Equipped with a permanently integrated industrial touch PC, the system is well equipped for individually expandable use. Thanks to extensions such as a camera for photo documentation, a battery pack, a reference scale, a mobile scale table and a radio scanner, the system offers a flexible all-in-one solution for the most varied requirements in the field of volume measurement. This system was developed especially for use in the industrial sector. It can be used in a wide range of sectors (logistics, airports, packaging, industry, ...).
Volume and weight measurement system ProductCube-LightGrid

Operating principle

Height and width are determined by means of a finely latched light grid, whereby light signals are transmitted from a batten luminaire to a receiver at a specific beam spacing. If the light grid now moves over the object to be measured, the receiver can calculate the height and width of the object on the basis of the interrupted light signals. The length of the object results from the duration and speed of the interruption of the light signal.
At the same time load cells under the measuring plate record the weight of the object.

Measurement value output / data export

The entire measuring process is mapped in the software CubeUI 2.0  

The measured values are output both visually on the monitor and in the form of one of the supported data transmissions, e.g. as transmission of a CSV file on a network drive.


  • The light grid frame is difficult or impossible to move
    • Check the rails for contamination, have existing contamination cleaned by appropriately trained personnel
    • Check the system housing along the frame guide for possible dents, recesses and other damage, have existing damage repaired immediately by your supplier to avoid consequential damage
  • Non-existing measuring areas are recorded
    • Check the measuring plate for dirt, scratches and other damage, have existing dirt cleaned by appropriately trained personnel. If necessary, order a replacement plate from your suppliers
    • Check the light grid door for dirt and damage in the area of the batten luminaires, have any dirt cleaned by appropriately trained personnel
  • The system will not boot
    • Check the power supply (230V power pack / batteries) and charge level
  • An incorrect weight is displayed
    • Remove all objects and items from the weighing surface(s) and zero the scale(s). For more details on zeroing the scale(s), refer to the software documentation
    • Make sure that everything around the weighing surfaces is clear and nothing blocks the free movement of the load cells
  • The software or operating system no longer responds
    • Shut down the Industrial PC by briefly pressing the button on the rear panel.

A detailed description can be found in the enclosed manual. We are also happy to provide you with the latest edition as a PDF file. Please send us your request to: